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Walla Walla University Smith Hall Addition

Project Description:
The Smith Hall Building on Walla Walla is currently undergoing an exterior addition to accommodate ADA accessibility. The existing three story building was built in 1964, consisting of concrete construction for the floors and walls. A new elevator is being provided at the SE corner of the building to provide access to all floors. The new elevator is being supported by new CMU walls clad with curtain wall panels. Design for selective demolition was provided on the construction documents to provide new foundations for the new elevator addition and also to provide access into the existing building space.

Project Relevancy:
GLR Engineers was able to review existing architectural and structural drawings during design to determine the existing structural system for the building and review the impacts caused by the proposed new design. We were able to direct the contractor to the areas that provided temporary shoring to allow for demolition and installation of the new structural elements. As-built conditions varied slightly in a few locations, GLR Engineers worked with the contractor to provide solutions immediately to allow the contractor to move forward.


College Place, Washington



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