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Todd Hall Entrance Remodel

Project Description:
A remodel for the north side of Todd Hall is being proposed at the main plaza entrance and also for the lower classroom level. Currently the project is still in the design stages but construction is expected to progress. The lower classroom actually extends underneath the plaza area above, portions of the existing plaza will be remodeled but the majority of the work will be contained to the eastern extent. A new structure will be provided to widen the main entrance into Todd Hall. The new structure will span over the top of the existing steam tunnels in order to eliminate surcharge loads to the tunnel structure.

Project Relevancy:

GLR Engineers is in the process of reviewing the existing structural and architectural drawings for the building and working with the architect to develop a constructible solution that satisfies the architectural and site layout requirements for the project, while still providing sufficient structural support. This project is being specifically tailored to the wants and desires for Washington State University.


Pullman, Washington



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